How to Act in Casinos: Guide to Casino Etiquette

Besides being a venue for playing games and winning some money, the casino is also a venue for interacting with other people. Playing casino games is basically a form of social activity. Given that any form of social activity requires some courtesy, here are some rules governing casino etiquette that you should live by while playing in the casino:

Table Games There are rules about casino etiquette in table games, and to begin with, let us enumerate the various games in the casino and how you should act according to the rules:

Roulette requires you to pay respect to whatever the dealer says. As soon as the bets are gathered on the table, the dealer says "No more bets". You are required to honor this statement made by the dealer. Also, to prevent delays and scrutiny by the casino management, do not lay a finger on your chips while the wheel is still rolling.

Poker tables also require some form of casino etiquette, such as knowing when it is your turn. You are also required to put the chips properly on the table so that the dealer can confirm the amount. Following this specific rule of casino etiquette prevents the delay of having to fix your chips and confirm the amount.

In blackjack, another rule in casino etiquette is to gesture the correct hand signals that signifies your actions. If you do not know the hand signals, state your decisions clearly enough to avoid misunderstanding.

General Casino Etiquette Remember to read, respect and follow the signs when inside the casino. Both smokers and non-smokers should respect the signs pertaining to smoking areas. Signs on the proper places to eat should also be strictly followed.

Next, refrain from giving unsolicited advice and commenting on other player's moves. You will find this extremely annoying if you are the one playing.

Always fall in line and respect the queue in all places that require falling in line, such as money cages, slot machines, table games and other stations.

Casino etiquette requires you to be courteous not only to fellow players, but to casino attendants, employees and dealers as well. It is extremely rude and tactless to show disrespect to the very people who have assisted in fulfilling your personal enjoyment.

Remember that the casino does not cater only to your personal and individual enjoyment, but to others as well. Following casino etiquette enhances your involvement into making sure that the casino is an enjoyable place for everyone.